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Mayan Smith-Gobat is Gnarly!
Mayan Smith-Gobat is Gnarly!

Mayan Smith-Gobat is Gnarly!

We’re happy about a lot of things here in Gnarly HQ. We’re happy that we can offer you clean, all natural nutrition. We’re happy that folks out there actually want what we’ve got to offer. We also get really excited when we can get a few amazing athletes that want to dawn our Gnarly colors, join our team and do what they do best out in the world with us along for the ride.

One of our amazing athletes is Mayan Smith-Gobat. She’s not only arguably the best rock climber to come out of New Zealand, but also one of the best female climbers in the world. Mayan has a list of accomplishments that honestly baffles me. She is one of only three New Zealanders to ever have climbed a 5.14b and the only woman from NZ to ever have climbed anything above a 5.13d. She also has the fastest female ascent of the famous Free Rider climb on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, CA. Mayan is a true force in the climbing world and we love when she decides to clue us in on her adventures and post a new entry on her blog. Her climbs are the stuff that legends are made of. Check out her latest post and get inspired!

Photo Cred: Mayan Smith-Gobat Collection

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