Pearl Izumi’s Urine Swatch Poster
Pearl Izumi’s Urine Swatch Poster

Pearl Izumi’s Urine Swatch Poster

Here’s something fun to kick your weekend off with. I came across this poster from an ad campaign Pearl Izumi did a few years ago and remembered how brilliant I thought it was. Yeah, it’s not brand new, but it’s still bloody amazing. This is probably one of my most favorite running posters. Ever. Why? Because it speaks to the masochism that I think defines the sport. Especially if you’ve committed yourself to being a fasty. I talk a lot about pushing yourself on this blog. It’s something I like to think I follow up in real life. Obviously, there are inherent risks and dangers associated with asking more and more from your body. I’ve passed out on runs. I’ve taken gnarly, bloody spills trying to descend single track too fast, I’ve put myself in the hospital a few times and I’ve definitely had my share of “it hurts to pee” moments. Most of my running friends have. The thing is, sport isn’t supposed to be safe. It’s not supposed to be something anyone can put a minimal amount of energy into and be successful at. Otherwise, we’d never look up to professional athletes. To risk something because you love what you’re doing and you want to do the absolute best at it is an ideal that everyone loves the sound of. It’s inspiring. But how often do we expect to just do the minimal in a workout, then get frustrated when we don’t see the amazing results we were hoping for? How often do we try to make something easier that’s been designed to work our body and make us stronger?

Hopefully, not too often. I’ve done it. And the sour taste it deposited in my gut told me it wasn’t where I should be. As far as this poster, If my pee looks like the swatches towards the lower portion, I’ve noticed a direct correlation with the lack of sour taste in my gut. Maybe that’s organ failure. And maybe I’m ok with that if it means a negative split in my marathon.

Keep pushing. Keep seeing where that limit is. Keep reminding yourself that you’re alive.

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