New Zealand Whey and Why Gnarly Uses It
New Zealand Whey and Why Gnarly Uses It

New Zealand Whey and Why Gnarly Uses It

One thing people always ask us here at Gnarly Nutrition (besides, “Who came up with the name? Are they a surfer?”) is why we’re so adamant about using New Zealand Whey Protein in our products. Well, let’s talk about it and hopefully give you a bit of an education on why we feel New Zealand Whey is the best whey to build clean, honest nutrition.

Why grass fed New Zealand whey is better

First, dairy farming in New Zealand is strictly regulated by the government. The Dairy and Plant Products Group (a division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry-MAF) watches how cows are raised, handled, and fed. This way, New Zealand can assure that their dairy products are not only safe (and the cow’s are happy!), but true to the labels placed on them. What are those labels? Well, for us at Gnarly Nutrition, we like to point out that our New Zealand Whey is grass fed. This means that the cows graze in pastures year round. Not only that, but the grass they eat is GMO free grass. benefits of New Zealand whey, what's in your whey? Pasture fed cows are naturally exposed to more pathogens from the soil, which means that they will, in turn, develop more antibodies to protect themselves from the pathogens. More antibodies means the whey protein has more natural antibiotics. Being grass fed also means that the cows are grazing on nutrient rich grass that has more vitamins and minerals. If you’re ingesting whey from that cow, than those benefits are being passed on to you.

All natural cows produce all natural whey

These New Zealand cows are also not injected with growth hormones, antibiotics, hyper-immunizations, or any other types of chemicals. rBST is actually illegal in New Zealand. rBST stands for recombinant bovine somatotropin. It’s used to stimulate growth and milk production and is widely used in the US. Research shows that higher producing cows are more likely to have lower concentrations of IgG ( an immunoglobulin or antibody) in their colostrum at calving. This means that the rBST is negatively affecting the natural antibiotics (IgG) a cow’s milk should have.

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Protein designed to be bioavailable

Finally, choosing a source of whey protein as clean and chemical free as New Zealand Whey insures that it is extremely bioavailable to the body; meaning that it is capable of being absorbed by the body at much higher levels. This is extremely important to athletes who are supplementing with a protein source such as Gnarly Whey because they need to make sure the protein is working as efficiently as possible to rebuild muscle. If your body can’t absorb the protein you’re trying to feed it, what’s the point? Gnarly also includes pre and probiotics as an additional aid to the absorption process. You’re also simply promoting better overall health as these ingredients support absorption of nutrients from everything you’re putting into your stomach.

The Gnarly way is New Zealand whey

Trust us, we could go on and on about the benefits of New Zealand Grass Fed Whey. But it’s probably best if we just leave it there –this stuff can get pretty complicated (Do you really want us to go into how frequent exposure to low level antibiotics causes microorganisms to mutate and become resistant to them? No? We didn’t think so.) Hopefully this sheds some light on why we’re so particular about how and why we source our protein from New Zealand. It’s not the easiest way to do things, but nobody ever accomplished much by doing the easiest thing. Don’t be like nobody. WebPosterWhey

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