The One Dumbbell Fat Loss Workout
The One Dumbbell Fat Loss Workout

The One Dumbbell Fat Loss Workout

A combination of diet and exercise has long been shown to be the most effective method for fat loss and weight maintenance. The number of research studies that support this claim number well into the hundreds. However, the question remains, what kind of exercise is best?

The argument for resistance training is mounting as the best method of physical activity. The evidence for utilizing weight lifting for fat loss is three fold. The primary reason is the positive influence of resistance training on maintaining and gaining muscle mass. Our resting metabolic rate is the largest source of daily energy expenditure and is directly influenced by the body’s amount of muscle. Some forms of activity, like moderate intensity aerobic exercise leads to weight loss, but these losses include both fat and muscle loss. Continued fat loss and maintenance becomes difficult with weight loss due to decreased resting metabolic rate and this decrease is amplified when muscle mass is lost.

Other factors that promote resistance training as a method of fat loss relate to energy expenditure as a result of this form as physical activity. Resistance training can be classified as a high intensity form of training, resulting in an increase in caloric output when compared to lower intensity activities such as jogging. In addition, higher intensity activities also elevates the body’s metabolism to a higher degree and for a longer period of time than lower intensity exercise.

The common problem with resistance training can be its complexity and entry barriers. Many feel that weight lifting involves complicated movements that must be performed at a specific location with specific equipment. However, this is not the case and resistance training for fat can be performed anywhere with minimal equipment when using the right training program.

The following circuit training program can be performed in one’s own home with only one dumbbell, which can be purchase for less than $1 per pound. Be sure to use a dumbbell weight that works for every exercise. This circuit can be performed at one’s own pace, with as much rest as needed between exercises. As fitness increases, simply decrease rest and perform the circuit multiple times.

One Dumbbell Fat Loss Workout

  1. Goblet Squat x10
  2. Bent-Over Row x10/arm
  3. Reverse Lunge x10/leg
  4. Single Arm Overhead Press x10/arm
  5. Split Squat x10/leg
  6. Plank Row x10/arm
  7. Hip Press x10
  8. Single Arm Floor Press x10/arm

Nutrition Corner:

Consuming whey protein immediately after resistance training can help support fat loss by increasing protein synthesis and thus leading to maintenance or enhancement of muscle ensuring that resting metabolism is maximized.

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