Pushing Our Possible: A letter from Gnarly CEO, Eli Kerr
Pushing Our Possible: A letter from Gnarly CEO, Eli Kerr

Pushing Our Possible: A letter from Gnarly CEO, Eli Kerr

The Brand Journey

Eight years ago, we had a simple idea to create sports supplements geared toward the mountain community, with alpine adventures in mind. Since 2012 that idea has evolved into Gnarly Nutrition: a growing brand whose goal is to motivate athletes at all levels to reach their true potential.


At Gnarly, we empower our audience to make holistic health choices that are unique for each athlete’s body, training schedule, fitness goals, and mind. Our products and educational content avoid industry trends in favor of consistent, science-backed supplements and training techniques to improve overall wellness.


Now, Gnarly is paving a new path in its brand journey. Throughout the coming months, Gnarly will unveil our new look and feel, as well as our refined goals to continue the tradition of Gnarly as a progress-focused, inclusive and sustainable company that produces delicious and effective sports nutrition.

Meet the New Gnarly Logo

We know Gnarly athletes and customers are not just crushing their projects and fitness goals, they’re also having a blast doing it. The Gnarly team created this logo to better embody the spirit of the brand; fun, full of potential, ready for anything, and beneficial for everyone. The “Gnar Horns” have long been a symbol of our spirit, frequently used by our athletes and team members to share in the spirit and joy of the athletic pursuit- it was time to bring this icon front and center.

We want a symbol that people will recognize, remember, and associate with the rad lifestyle that we all love. You throw up the Gnar Horns when topping a climb, crossing a finish line or crushing something that is ridiculously hard but makes you proud of what you have accomplished. There is this certain feeling when you throw those horns up. I know you know what I am talking about. That feeling embodies Gnarly. That is the feeling we want to celebrate. Gnarly is here to help you experience more of that feeling!

A New Motto to Live By: Push Your Possible

The Gnarly motto is evolving! For many years, our athletes and customers have been motivated by the phrase: “Want More. Do More. Be More.”


Now, we’ve got an updated motto which embodies the same drive, while focusing on each individual’s efforts:

"Push your possible"

PUSH YOUR POSSIBLE more concisely articulates our mission to help each person reach their goals and true potential. Each athlete has their own perceived limits. PUSH YOUR POSSIBLE encourages and motivates everyone – regardless of ability level – to better themselves day in and day out.

what is next in gnarly's queue?

The new logo isn’t the only change Gnarly has up our sleeve. A totally updated look and feel is headed your way. This will help our audience more easily decide which product is best for them, and also will better fit Gnarly’s values of inclusivity and sustainability. Stay tuned for updates.

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