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The Link Between Germs and Alzheimer's
The Link Between Germs and Alzheimer's

The Link Between Germs and Alzheimer's

Here’s an interesting article from Men’s Health about the link between the amount of pathogens you’ve been exposed to and a possible link to developing Alzheimer’s. But it’s not the link you would expect. Turns out people in countries that are cleaner and generally more hygienic are actually are at a 9% higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s. The research comes from the University of California, Irvine and it suggests that because people in countries that are dirtier are exposed to more pathogens, they naturally develop more antibodies and microbes that allow the immune system to become stronger. Of course, some of these pathogens can lead to infections that can kill you, but it just goes to prove the old adage, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Now stick with me here, but this is the same reason we like to source our whey protein from New Zealand. The cows in the land of the Lord of The Rings are grass fed, not pumped full of hormones and never injected with antibiotics. What does this mean? it means that these cows have a very healthy immune system with plenty of naturally occurring antibodies. When you ingest the whey from that cow, you reap those benefits from that blessed grass fed bovine. It’s a pretty sweet beni. And Gnarly Whey is all about it.

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