From Troubled Past to Culinary Success: A Conversation with Noah Kuhns
From Troubled Past to Culinary Success: A Conversation with Noah Kuhns

From Troubled Past to Culinary Success: A Conversation with Noah Kuhns

In this weeks episode, Noah Kuhns, co-owner of Central 9th Market and ski mountaineer, shared his remarkable journey from a troubled past to culinary success. This episode sheds light on the challenges he faced, the lessons he learned, and the passion that drives him today.

Noah's story begins with a tumultuous period in his youth, where he found himself involved in illegal activities and facing serious legal consequences. Despite coming from a loving and supportive family, Noah made choices that led him down a dangerous path. He spent time in juvenile detention centers and faced the possibility of spending years in prison.

However, Noah's life took a turn when he decided to leave his hometown and start anew in Seattle. There, he found himself drawn to the food service industry, spending time in restaurants and developing a passion for cooking. This newfound interest eventually led him back to Salt Lake City, where he reunited with old friends and embarked on a culinary adventure.

Noah's vision, along with his partner Max Nelson, was to open a fine dining, farm-to-table restaurant and cocktail bar. However, the challenges of COVID-19 forced them to rethink their plans. Instead, they seized the opportunity to open Central 9th Market, a small local market that focuses on sustainable, locally sourced food.

The journey was not without its difficulties. The early days of Central 9th Market tested their friendship and required them to adapt their plans. But through perseverance and the support of their partners, Noah and Max created a unique space that reflects their passion for food and community.

Central 9th Market is not your typical restaurant. It exudes an energy that is raw, authentic, and unapologetic. From the eclectic music to the street food-inspired menu, every aspect of the market reflects the personalities of its owners and staff. The focus on affordable, high-quality food made from scratch, using locally sourced ingredients, sets Central 9th Market apart from the rest.

Noah's journey serves as a testament to the power of resilience and the ability to turn one's life around. His troubled past has shaped him into the person he is today, and he carries the lessons he learned with him every day. The authenticity and passion that Noah brings to Central 9th Market are evident in every bite and every interaction with customers.

Central 9th Market has become a community hub, a place where people can come together to enjoy delicious food and experience the vibrant energy that Noah and his team have cultivated. It is a testament to the transformative power of food and the ability to create something meaningful out of challenging circumstances.

Noah's story is a reminder that success can come from unexpected places. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of following one's passion. Central 9th Market stands as a testament to Noah's journey and the incredible culinary experience he and his team have created.

So, the next time you find yourself in Salt Lake City, make sure to visit Central 9th Market. Experience the magic for yourself and savor the flavors of a journey that has transformed a troubled past into a culinary success story.

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