Update from Eli Kerr During these Wild and Crazy Times – Gnarly Nutrition

Update from Eli Kerr During these Wild and Crazy Times
Update from Eli Kerr During these Wild and Crazy Times

Update from Eli Kerr During these Wild and Crazy Times

To our customers and friends,

I wanted to provide you with a quick update and send you some rad recommendations from our team members. We’re still accepting, packing, and fulfilling orders… and shipping them out with our usual fast turn around. We are very appreciative of the small team that is still operating our warehouse. Currently, our manufacturing and shipping continue to operate as normal with the majority of our in-office team working from home. Our strict operating procedures at both our manufacturing and fulfillment levels always ensure the safety and quality of our products. While a number of us are working from home and managing the strain of work, children, staying fit, and refraining from boredom, we thought we would put together some recommendations of our favorite “THINGS.” We hope you take a minute to surf through some of them and at a minimum, they bring a smile to your face.


Eli Kerr, CEO

Books: Here I Am by Jonathan Safran Foer -I love this story of individuals dealing with all of the conflicting roles that a human has in this life and trying to do their best by showing up.

Bonus book: The Beastie Boys Book – One of my favorite reads this year. Super fun read about the background and development of one of the best bands… ever.

Gnarly Products: Combine Gnarly Vegan and Gnarly Performance Greens – I drink this daily as it is my go-to!

Podcast: How I Built This with Guy Raz – Discover the start-up stories and the motivation behind some of your favorite brands and companies.

TV Series: Peaky Blinders – I don’t watch tv often but this series won me over, I was hooked. I appreciate really good character development and this series nails it! Also, haircuts and costumes are so on point. Current Favorite

Listen: Caamp; Boys (Side B). I just can’t stop listening to the smokie voice of lead vocalist Taylor Meier (reminds me of a young Rod Stewert) and their fantastic lyrics. I recommend my favorite song on the album: Books

Shannon O’Grady, COO/CPO

Podcasts: Sigma Nutrition Radio with Danny Lennon – This is for all my fellow nutrition nerds out there. While there are A TON of nutrition podcasts on the interwebs, what I appreciate about this one is that it covers a range of topics, is research-based and includes guests that are experts in their respective fields.

TV shows: The Outsider on HBO. Terrifying, dark, suspenseful, I have some friends that will only watch it during daylight hours. That being said, it’s definitely binge-worthy and has the feels of another HBO favorite: True Detective.

Books: For me books are an escape, so my favorites are ones that I get lost in and have trouble putting down. If the same is true for you, check out Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Another goodie: The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay

Gnarly Products: Decaf BCAAs – I like to get my caffeine from coffee and so I like my BCAAs of the decaf variety. Vegan Vanilla Protein – I’m not a vegan, but I like all of the good macro and micronutrients in our Vegan Protein. When time is short and I want an extra flavor boost, I add in a scoop of powdered peanut butter which also adds an extra 6g of protein. Cinnamon is also an amazing and easy add-in!

Exercises: Here is one of my favorite kettlebell complexes. Choose a kettlebell weight that allows you to execute the below movements with precision and focus on quality over quantity: 3 min AMRAP of a one handed swing, snatch, press, squat (kb in rack position)…switch hands, rest 2 min, complete 3-5 rounds.

Recipes: I’m currently obsessed with the Minimalist Baker Blog because it provides whole foods based recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, and take 30 minutes or less to prepare….convenient and yummy. Here are two of my favorites…one good for the body and one good for the soul (you decide which is which): Curried Butternut Squash Soup and No Bake Vegan Brownies with Chocolate Ganache (make the ganache people, it’s worth it).

Jason Hall, CFO

Exercise: jogging with my quarantine crew (my one-year-old and two huskies), hangboarding to make my return to the crags a more glorious endeavor, and slapping the side of my wonky internet router every ten minutes.

Podcasts:The Enormocast with Chris Kalous, The Curious Climber Podcast with Mina Leslie-Wujastykand and Hazel Findlay, How To with Charles Duhigg, which just released an episode entitled “How To Not Go Crazy Under Quarantine”

Books: My reading has been pretty dry – just focused on study materials for a professional credential I’m pursuing. I’ve found that the best time to study is during the breaks between hangboard sets or while the baby is sleeping.

Gnarly Products: My nutrition routine includes Performance Greens and BCAAs. The Greens are a great way to ensure I’m getting the nutrition my body needs, and post-workout recovery is faster when I’m taking BCAAs.

Cat Kiene, Digital Marketing

Podcasts: I rotate between true crime and science podcasts. I love RadioLab, Hidden Brain, Invisibilia, and Criminal by Phoebe Judge.

Workout: Yoga is my favorite activity, and I’ve been streaming Corepower Sculpt and C2 workouts, and taking my dog out for hikes and runs for some fresh air.

Current Favorite Listen: I love the new Childish Gambino album for workouts, and putting on some George Harrison, Toro y Moi, James Brown, or Neil Young while making dinner or while working.

Recipes: I’ve been trying to follow an e-book by Jessie May with some delicious produce-based Vegan recipes. I also love the seasonal produce lists she creates!

Gnarly Products: I love the Gnarly BCAA’s – I have them everyday and they help tremendously with recovery.

Hunter Boone, Customer Service/Sales

Book: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. I read it in high school for the first time and it had a significant impact on how I view life and the meaning I find in it.

Gnarly Products: Combine Gnarly Vegan and Gnarly BCAAS – Fruit Punch – A great pick me up in the morning or after a hard session at the climbing gym.

Podcast: This American Life – A new story every episode, well put together and always interesting.

TV Series: Tiger King – I am a sucker for over the top stories and this series takes the cake.

Current Favorite Listen: Pink Moon – Nick Drake – A really nostalgic song that has followed me through the years. Always a good listen.

Workout – Getting off the couch and getting food or water. I’m becoming a potato.

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