Why Gnarly Pump is a Great Pre-Workout for Women
Why Gnarly Pump is a Great Pre-Workout for Women

Why Gnarly Pump is a Great Pre-Workout for Women

Gnarly Pump is our very own take on the generally troublesome pre-workout supplement. Usually, this class of supplements in loaded down with all sorts of – somewhat frightening – stimulants and sugars. In fact, pre-workouts have gotten a lot of negative press in the past when it was revealed that they were causing severe – even lethal – heart conditions and often contained prescription medications or substances that closely resembled the drug meth.

Happily, and in keeping with the Gnarly approach to things, Pump is free of that scary junk. And, for this reason, Pump is a great pre-workout for anyone who needs an extra boost before hitting the gym. There are a couple key features, though, that make Gnarly Pump particularly useful for the female athletes out there.

Powerful Little Algae

One of the biggest concerns facing women is that of bone health. In fact, women are four times more likely than men to suffer bone loss (known as osteoporosis). Fortunately, it has been shown that many dietary and lifestyle factors can greatly reduce the severity of bone loss and resulting injuries. Among the things you can do to work against the condition, the two most powerful strategies are regular exercise and taking mineral-rich supplements. Of particular interest is calcium, which plays a huge role in bone density.

To help with this situation, Gnarly Pump contains a potent dose of Lithothamnion calcareum

extract – a red algae that is packed with calcium and other minerals. The algae, known by the brand name Aquamin, has been shown to both improve and preserve bone density – especially when taken before exercise. Having this powerful bone-enhancer included in your pre-workout will not only ensure that you take it regularly, but that you’re taking it at the time when it can do the most good.

Improved Energy and Body Composition

To be fair, men will also get a boost of energy from Gnarly Pump. Men can also expect to have improved strength and endurance workouts, resulting in more noticeable decreases in body fat. These awesome things really are not gender-specific.

What does need to be cleared up, though, is some of the confusion surrounding creatine – and muscle gain, in general.

Here’s the first thing you need to know: Creatine is not a steriod. Not even close. It is, in fact, a chemical that your body naturally creates and uses to produce ATP – your muscles’ primary energy source. In addition to giving your muscles ample fuel to perform better during your workouts, creatine has also been shown to improve bone mineral density.

And creatine does all this with very few side effects. It certainly does not have any of the negative effects people usually worry about; Creatine will not make you freakishly bulky, send you into bouts of roid-rage or destroy your kidneys.

In addition to the safe and effective creatine, Pump also contains L-arginine and L-citrulline. Both of these amino acids work to increase levels of nitric oxide in your muscles, widening your blood vessels and increasing blood flow. Not only does this let your muscles operate more efficiently, it can also improve cognitive and sexual function. So there’s a bonus.

But Gnarly Pump is designed to be useful and great for you on a number of levels that just can’t be covered here. Check out the product page to learn more about Gnarly Pump.

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