No-Send September Part One: Climbing & Projecting

The sweat-drenched summer months are behind us, and we’re in the height of Send-it September. With our fingertips no longer leaving visible sweat marks on the rock, Sendtember is a rock-climber’s paradise. Crisp mornings and evenings with typically dry conditions lead to some epic climbing days, all fueled by the invigorating fall air and a […]

Filling the Void with Jasna Hodzic

The boulder problem was exquisite. Four holds sat arranged in a diamond — a sloper above me, an undercling to my left, a gaston to my right, and a foot below. They beckoned at me, challenging me to find a way through. Intrigued, I hung on the end of the rope and considered the route. […]

Reaching higher with Gnarly Athlete Maiza Lima


At one point, Maiza Lima counted 100 pairs of high heels in her closet. She wore these often when going out with friends – first to salsa dancing and then to the bars and clubs. Crawling into bed at 3 a.m. was common for Maiza. Her life in Kirkland, Washington, just outside of Seattle, was […]

Approaching Health Holistically with the newest Gnarly Athlete, Joslynn Corredor

Joslynn Corredor’s impression of a dead bug is spot-on. A lower back stretch that she practices with her clients while working as a strength trainer; the move resembles a deceased bug with all appendages pointing toward the sky. We could all benefit from becoming dead bugs. Jos is a strength coach, but she’s also a […]

Strength and Femininity

The womxn I have the pleasure of knowing through climbing are incredible. They are strong, brilliant and endlessly multifaceted. And yet, for many of us, there is a seemingly endless struggle against a raging current of gender norms and ideologies around femininity. It’s time for the sun to set on the antiquated concept that strength […]

Finding Comfort in the Discomfort – Meet Gnarly athlete, Piseth Sam

Before she knew rock climbing was a sport, Piseth Sam was sending routes. On the playground near the projects she grew up in, she would scale a rock that was part of the neighborhood park she and friends played “tag” on. The adventurous kids would scale the rock’s face to escape from becoming “it.” With […]

Clean Fuel for Clean Training

Want more. Do more. Be more. Our motto at Gnarly Nutrition embodies being the best version of our own selves. This looks different for every person. For you, those goals might include going to the Olympics (okay, maybe as a spectator) or maybe it’s breaking through a plateau on your morning runs. It could be […]

2021 Olympics Update with Gnarly Athletes Kyra Condie and Nathaniel Coleman.

December of 2019 was a great month for professional rock climbers and Gnarly Nutrition athletes Kyra Condie and Nathaniel Coleman. In Toulouse, France, both athletes secured a spot in the Tokyo Olympics for Team USA. They returned to the US and celebrated the holidays knowing the road ahead of them in 2020 would be one […]

Daily Routines – How USAC Athletes use Gnarly Products

What does a saucepan, five pairs of shoes, a good luck note and a kendama all have in common? They’re all items you can find in the gym bags of climbers on Team USA, of course. The shoe variety makes a ton of sense. Different climbing disciplines or routes call for different shoes. We could […]

Dietary Crossroads – A Personal Story of Transitioning Away From Veganism

Editors Note: At Gnarly we don’t advocate a particular diet and this article isn’t intended to be a statement ‘for’ or ‘against’ veganism. We are sharing this article as we believe it provides an interesting take on some of the many complicated variables that lead us to make decisions about our diet. It had just […]

Gnarly Core Workout with Pro Climber, Nathaniel Coleman

We have a special workout designed by Gnarly Athlete, Nathaniel Coleman, to build the core power necessary for all those dynamic climbing moves Nathaniel pulls off so easily. Nathaniel built this workout for climbers specifically and now you can do it at home. It doesn’t require equipment and takes about 25 minutes. Download the PDF […]

Alex Johnson: Coming Out, Coming Back, and Coming Full Circle

“Taylor Swift is growing on me, but I wasn’t a fan,” says Alex Johnson.  It was the end of August 2019, and Alex, known to her friends and much of the climbing world as AJ, was “stuck” at a T-Swift show in Minneapolis—her girlfriend of several years, Bree, was supposed to go with a co-worker, […]

An Energy Mismatch: my experience with RED-S (Female Athlete Triad) – Part II

The consequences of RED-S are severe. If left untreated or diagnosed too late, a patient is left susceptible to osteoporosis and potential cardiovascular issues related to poor hormonal health. I wasn’t only gambling with my athletic career, but with my long-term health.

Fortunately, since I was still young enough to put down bone, I could reverse the osteopenia.

An Energy Mismatch: my experience with RED-S (Female Athlete Triad)

“You need to gain fifteen pounds, ASAP.” Startled, having just set foot in a doctor’s office for a check-up required by work, my mind went to humor. “So, you mean like the weight of a house cat?,” I replied. “Gain some fat, get a cat” became an inside joke between my coworkers and me, a rallying cry preceding many large dinners as we worked in California’s High Sierra.

Nina Williams: Looking In to Go Up

On a bright spring day last March, Nina Williams stood below the tallest face of the massive Luminance boulder, in the Buttermilks outside Bishop, California. The problem she was there to climb, Too Big to Flail (V10), towered above her—a monster even in a place known for huge boulders. At 50 feet, the climb was […]

USA Climbing’s Olympic Hopefuls Utilize Gnarly Nutrition to Fuel Their Quest for Gold

Salt Lake City, Utah (October 01, 2019) — USA Climbing (USAC) today announced its partnership with Gnarly Nutrition to provide sports nutrition supplements for the organization’s athletes—including the group’s Olympic hopefuls training for next summer’s games in Tokyo. “Working with the team at Gnarly to fulfill our athlete’s needs led us to choose them over […]

Mo Beck and The Cirque of the Unsh!tables

My name is Mo Beck, and I started rock climbing just a little at the age of 12, then kind of a lot when I got to college, then pretty much obsessively since 2012. I’ve won 6 National paraclimbing championships, world championships in 2014 and 2016 – then started alpine climbing in 2018. Weird switch, […]

A Gigante Misadventure

At 4:00AM on January 2nd just North of the Mexican border, Jordan Cannon and I woke up in the back of my cramped Prius cluttered with enough climbing gear to see us up the biggest wall in North America: El Gigante. Our objective was a route called Logical Progression (5.13 28 pitches 1,000m). This route […]

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2018

Deep in the backwoods of Northern Arkansas lies a canyon brimming with small yet immaculate sandstone cliffs. Climbers have developed Horseshoe Canyon Ranch over the course of the last few decades, but it has really been put on the radar of the larger climbing community by the “24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell” event, which began […]

Gnarly Whey Macaroons

Because I make so much homemade pasta, I always have an abundance of egg whites. One great way to use them instead of dumping them down the sink is to make Macaroons. Turns out, they are great anytime of day, easy to share, have a relatively long, low maintenance shelf life, and travel well. I’ve […]