Gnarly Nutrition’s Sports Supplements Now Sold at Good Earth

The recent partnership between Gnarly Nutrition and Good Earth Natural Foods will make Gnarly Nutrition products available for retail sale in all of Good Earth’s stores along the Wasatch front. Not only will Gnarly Nutrition benefit from having a trusted retailer launching their products into the local market, but Good Earth is also known for their sports nutrition section and will love having Gnarly’s line-up of all natural products on their shelves.

The managing staff at Good Earth has been especially supportive of the partnership. Brand Manager, Eli Kerr stated, “I remember the day we first brought the product line to Good Earth. They instantly saw and supported our vision of creating a natural, great tasting sports nutrition company that had a really cool culture.”

Since Gnarly Nutrition and Good Earth are both based in Utah, they are constantly looking for creative ways that they can help each other learn and grow. Mutually beneficial relationships are the foundation these businesses are built upon, and this partnership will advanced the brand awareness of both companies.

Gnarly Nutrition is very excited to have this opportunity to work with and be a part of Good Earth Natural Foods stores. Both companies are going to work hard to further the other and are looking forward to what the future has in store.

Learn More About Good Earth Natural Foods

Want to know more about Good Earth, their philosophy on natural foods, and store locations?  Visit their website for more information on this company and their amazing natural foods selection at

Eli Kerr

Eli Kerr

My three greatest priorities in life currently are the following in order: 1) Being a father and co-parent to four beautiful and remarkable children. 2) Being a friend, lover, and support to my sweet partner, Hala. 3) Leading and managing the company that I helped start eight years ago called Gnarly Nutrition.

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