MMA Fighter Tyler Minton Talks About Cleaning Up His Diet

Tyler Minton is a guy that takes his training seriously. He has to to perform and at his very best. A big part of that training is making sure what he eats is fueling his body correctly. Check out this article he wrote for Robb Wolf  -one of the godfathers of the whole Paleo Diet movement. In it, he talks about how his nutrition was way out of whack, how he needed to make room in his diet for a little humble pie and take a long hard look at what he was doing wrong.

It’s a good read because Tyler is smart enough to admit when he makes a mistake. On Top of that, he’s smart enough to trust someone that has a little more experience and knowledge when it comes to performance nutrition, Wolf, to help him get back on track. I like how Tyler touches on the the fact that he was focusing too much on supplements and stimulants to help him get through his workouts. That might sound weird coming from me, who’s writing this blog for a sports supplement company, but it absolutely fits in with how Gnarly believes our products should be used: truly as supplements to a healthy, fresh diet. Athletes demand more out of their bodies and so they require more be put in as well. We help to get a very few, very specific and necessary nutrients to that athlete.

 I like how Tyler talks about his training as well. Essentially explaining that he was doing too much at too high an intensity. For the CrossFit purists out there, you might think Tyler is bashing on that discipline’s programming. He’s not. He’s simply stating that for him, with the elite level he was competing at and what his goals were with MMA, crossfit was not a good fit.

Moral of the story: if something isn’t working, if you’re working against yourself and your training feels like it’s moving backwards. It’s always healthy to take a step back, maybe get an outsiders opinion on what you’re doing and get back to basics. I think Tyler’s story is a great example of this.

Photo Credit: Kelz’n Dream Photography

Joel P

Joel P

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