The Adventure Sample Box - Gnarly Nutrition
The Adventure Sample Box - Gnarly Nutrition
The Adventure Sample Box - Gnarly Nutrition
The Adventure Sample Box - Gnarly Nutrition

The Adventure Sample Box

Find yourself outside a lot? Our Adventure Sample Box is ideal for outdoorists looking for easy ways to increase hydration, fuel up properly, and increase vitamin intake. To-go sticks packs make it easy to tuck all of your nutritional needs in backpack pockets, or even pocket-pockets.

  • Fuel2O Stickpack - Your all-in-one, vegan-friendly fueling solution. Gnarly Fuel2O contains 100 calories per 12 oz serving from sucrose and dextrose, two carbohydrates that are easy to digest during big endurance efforts. With 250mg of sodium per serving as well as the electrolytes chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium, Gnarly Fuel2O replaces the electrolytes you lose when you sweat.
  • Hydrate Stickpack - Don’t need to replace calories but want to stay hydrated?  Gnarly Hydrate is for you! Loaded with electrolytes and B vitamins to fuel tough workouts, serious races and big days out in the hills, Gnarly Hydrate is low in sugar, big on taste, and formulated to keep you charging toward your best. Electrolytes are pivotal to athletic performance and critical for proper hydration, nerve function, muscle function and body pH.
  • Greens Stickpack - Gnarly Performance Greens is whole food nutrition for active individuals.  With over 100% of the RDA for 14 vitamins and minerals, you can think of Gnarly Performance Greens as nutritional insurance!  One of the only NSF certified Greens on the market, you can expect full transparency when it comes to the ingredients we use and how much of each is in our product.
  • Both Chocolate and Vanilla Stickpack in your choice of Whey or Vegan Protein - An often overlooked component of an active lifestyle is recovery.  Gnarly makes some of the best tasting protein available and both our whey and vegan options kickstart muscle protein synthesis, repair muscle damage, and reduce recovery time so you can bounce back quickly for your next adventure.
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  • Vegan
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