5 Ways To Stay In Shape On Vacation
5 Ways To Stay In Shape On Vacation

5 Ways To Stay In Shape On Vacation

A few weeks ago, we gave you a few tips on maintaining a healthy diet while on vacation. In keeping with Gnarly’s efforts to help you stay active, healthy and awesome regardless of where you are, we’re going to look at another aspect of vacationing: Activity.

Depending on your vacationing style and destination, it can be pretty difficult to stay in shape on vacation. Which is ironic, since plenty of people train to look especially fantastic for their time away. So, how can you stay in shape on vacation while still… being on vacation? Here are 5 tips.

Do a last-minute push. In general, you should be using periodization in your workout design – but that’s another topic for another day. When it comes to vacationing, plan your hardest workout for a day or two before you head off to your destination. Exactly what this means will depend on your goals and workout style, but the general idea is to totally max out in this workout. Now you have to rest – for a few days at least. Which brings us neatly to tip #2.

Deload. It could very well be the case that you just cannot maintain your usual workout routine while you’re away. But, that could be a good thing. If you’ve been practicing one program or fitness discipline – like weightlifting – for a while and feel like you’re not making progress anymore, it could be time to deload. There are ton’s of different approaches to the deload week – some people completely pause their standard training and do something else, while others just (significantly) dial back the intensity. The basic idea is the same, though: give your body time to rest and recover. Although this might feel weird at first, it very possible that you could notice an improvement in your performance once you get back to your regular workouts.

Cross-train. These deload weeks could also be a chance to cross-train and try a different activity or training method. Depending on where you are, that activity could even be part of the local culture. Is there a particularly exciting attraction nearby that would give you a chance to do something different? Go for it!

Be a tourist. Use the fact that you’re somewhere new to go exploring – and sneakily get in some cardio. Even if your accommodations have a treadmill or other piece of cardio equipment, take your runs outside and get to know the area. A few studies show that just changing up your scenery can noticeably improve your performance. Several cities even offer running tours, wherein a guide will take you on a customized sightseeing tour – while running. Or, for a more leisurely pace, go for a walk or rent a bike. Either way, you’re moving.

Make fitness your vacation. Okay, this might sound crazy, but hear us out: Plan your vacation around you’re already awesome lifestyle. Travel to a competition – do your thing – and then enjoy the area. This could be something as simple as finding a 5K near a spot that you already had an interest in or tracking down any number of “fitness retreats” that are quickly popping up. These specialized resorts are specifically designed with the exerciser or athlete in mind and could be a perfect way to not only maintain your routine, but also improve it.

As mentioned, we’ve already covered the nutrition-end of this equation in a previous post. To make sure that you’re completely covered, give that a read as well. In addition to the information discussed there, remember to pack some Gnarly BCAAs to help keep your muscles at their peak while you’re away.

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