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From Broken to Breaking: The Colorado FKT
From Broken to Breaking: The Colorado FKT

From Broken to Breaking: The Colorado FKT

On September 21st, 2020, Mike Mcknight broke the FKT on the Colorado trail, completing all 485 miles of it in 7 days and 13 hours. Mike demonstrated to the trail running community how proper fueling and being determined enough to try something is all a runner needs for success. Matt Van Horn captured the great, the bad, and the ugly of Mike’s FKT attempt in the incredible movie, From Broken to Breaking: The Colorado Trail FKT. Spectators get a front row seat to watch Mike Push his Possible on the Colorado Trail.

Mike Mcknight and The Attempt

Mike Mcknight is a well established ultra runner based out of Utah. Name any 200 miler or ultra marathon and Mike has probably crushed it! Therefore, it was no surprise that Mike wanted to attempt to run the 500 mile Colorado trail in a week. Averaging 65 to 70 miles a day and combating extreme sleep deprivation, Mike was able to finish this incredible feat in 7 days 13 hours and 16 minutes. Read more about Mike’s Colorado trail FKT here.


The human body is only physically capable of doing so much, humans are not naturally made to run for seven days non-stop without sleep. This attempt required hours of planning and coordination to make sure Mike had exactly what he needed every step of the way. From coordinating aid stations, to the proper fueling plan, to having pacers willing and capable of being Mike’s largest cheerleader as well as keeping Mike on track when he was tired.

Catching the attempt on film

Mike had one job to run efficiently and push himself to accomplish this endurance challenge, his crew had another job, keep Mike fueled and on track. However, there was a whole other crew out there with another job, which was to successfully document the attempt.


In order to catch as much raw content as possible, filmmaker, Matt Van Horn, ran a couple of segments with Mike, as well as spent some time in the van with the crew to catch both sides of the story.

Matt explained that the hardest part of making this film was, “trying to keep up with Mike”. Filming adventure sports is no easy task, it is very unpredictable, there were many obstacles Matt had to overcome to get this challenge on film. Before the attempt, Matt had one plan which was to film Mike running in the San Juans, other than that Matt improvised which sections he wanted to film Mike running and which sections he wanted to film the crew. Matt’s ability to fit in with the crew and run with Mike is what makes this film so breathtaking and inspiring.

Photo Provided by Mike Mcknight

Colorado Trail Fuel

From Broken to Breaking does an excellent job of showing Mike’s fuel philosophy, the low carb diet, and that fat is fuel. When your body is running low on quick energy (carbohydrates), it starts to utilize fat as a long term fuel source. Mike has found that following a diet heavy in fats and protein and low in carbs has helped him be more successful in the long run. His body is adapted to using fat as fuel because Mike has been practicing this for a long time.

Mike’s refuel stations included a Gnarly protein shake with one cup of heavy whipping cream, some meat and minimal carbs. While on the trail, Mike consumed quick energy carbs like applesauce and gels. To stay hydrated Mike consumed Gnarly Hydrate, as well as Gnarly’s newest product, Fuel2O.

Moving Forward

We were super excited to support Mike in his accomplishment of the Colorado trail FKT. As well as overjoyed to be able to witness Gnarly Vegan and Fuel 2.0 in action, all thanks to Matt Van Horn and his inspiring film. We are beyond proud of Mike’s determination and effort to Push his Possible in running. We look forward to helping Mike fuel for his next adventure!

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