Gnarly products our athletes LOVE
Gnarly products our athletes LOVE

Gnarly products our athletes LOVE

You ever just love something so much you want the whole world to know? Well, that's how a bunch of our athletes are feeling about Gnarly Nutrition products. Check out below how our athletes are using our products, and why they love them so much! 

Nik Berry: Climber

Favorite Product: Gnarly Nutrition Pre-Workout 

“I love how Gnarly Pre-Workout is an easy all-in-one solution to get the most out of every session, even after a demanding ER shift. Over the years of using this product I have noticed how it helps to increase my endurance, reduce my fatigue and shorten my recovery time.”


gnarly nutrition pre workout

Sam Elias: Climber

Favorite Product: Gnarly Nutrition Fuel2

"I started using Fuel₂O for longer training sessions instead of eating bars or other solid food, and found it to be superior. It’s easier and quicker to ingest, and also to feel the calories and use the energy. It’s simple, effective and efficient. I love the tropical flavor. Now, I use it during every climbing day — indoor or out. Often I use it with Gnarly Collagen Pro, and sometimes I add a little Himalayan sea salt in the shaker bottle to play with the flavor.”


sam elias fuel2o gnarly nutrition climber

 Lael Wilcox: Ultra Endurance Cyclist 

Favorite Product: Gnarly Nutrition Collagen Pro & Creatine  

"I recently started adding Gnarly Collagen Pro and Creatine to my recovery shakes after long rides, hikes and runs. I’m 35 years old and during ultra-distance bikepacking races, push my body and mind past all healthy limits to find out what I can accomplish. Anything that can keep me going and enjoy my time out there is a welcome addition. I’m adding a focus on nutrition and am seeing huge improvement."


lael wilcox cyclist gnarly nutrition fuel


 Kelly Halpin: Ultrarunner 

Favorite Product: Gnarly Nutrition Hydrate

"My favorite thing about Gnarly Hydrate is the great flavor with low sugar content. Having good electrolytes is one of the most important elements in long distance running and training and I know I can count on this product to deliver the hydration I need without excess sugar." 


 kelly halpin gnarly nutrition hydrate runner sav cummins photo

Maiza Lima: Climber

Favorite Product: Gnarly Performance Greens 

"I love Gnarly Performance Greens because I don't have to worry about getting specific and different greens in my diet especially since I’m always traveling and on the go and can't consistently cook for myself. The vitamins and minerals from the greens are support my lifestyle and I trust all the ingredients Gnarly uses in their products. Plus, they’re absolutely delicious." 

gnarly nutrition performance greens


Piseth Sam: Fitness Coach & Climber

Favorite Product: Gnarly Vegan Protein

"My favorite is Gnarly Vegan protein in vanilla. My new favorite shake is 4 ounces orange juice, half a banana, a palm full of frozen blueberries and strawberries, two scoops of vanilla protein, topped with a little bit of water. It's soooo good." 

gnarly vegan protein

Corinna Coffin: Registered Dietician, Champion Crossfitter, All-Around Athlete 

Favorite Product: Gnarly Whey Protein 

"Gnarly Whey Protein is a staple in my everyday recovery nutrition. It’s NSF certified, tastes delicious and mixes easily with any liquid. Plus I love the new sustainable packaging!" 

corinna coffin whey protein


Tara Warren: Ultra runner 

Favorite Product: Gnarly Baseline Series 

"After having some energy and recovery issues in early 2021, I had my blood panel checked. I was deficient in Iron and Vitamin D. In March, I began taking the Baseline Series Iron and also D3 1000 IU to supplement what I lacked. It didn't take long for those lower levels to catch up and my body felt remarkably better. I have been taking these Baseline Series products daily ever since and haven't fallen into a hormonal rut since."


tara warren ultrarunner gnarly athlete

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