Sustainable Steel Packaging is Here!
Sustainable Steel Packaging is Here!

Sustainable Steel Packaging is Here!

A few months ago we hinted at this exciting news. Now, we’re proud to share that we have officially started our transition to a more sustainable packaging solution, swapping out plastic tubs for steel containers.

After listening to the feedback from our customers and through months meticulous research, we landed on steel cans as the next step in our path to progress when it comes to recycling. We know that this is not a final solution, but it is a step in the right direction.

Improving the sustainability of our packaging is in line with Gnarly company values. When you go into a GNC, what do you see? A sea of HDPE and PET plastic tubs. Most of it is colored plastic, which makes it even harder to recycle. Steel isn’t an endpoint, but it’s a huge improvement and a step in the right direction, particularly in an industry that is defined by plastic packaging.

Gnarly Nutrition CPO Shannon O' Grady

Why Steel?


These steel cans are durable and beautiful. When all of the powder inside is gone, you can repurpose these cans for fun projects at home. New flower holder or rainy day fund holder, anyone?


Steel has the highest recycling rate of any material → 70-80% due to geographical variation, as opposed to plastic’s 8% recycling rate in the United States. Plus, tw0-thirds of all new steel manufactured comes from recycled steel. And: Plastic can be recycled only one or two times before it starts breaking down into microplastics, whereas steel is infinitely recyclable!


We’re proud to be able to say that our steel packaging is sourced from the United States.

Pricing update

Gnarly product in more sustainable bagged packaging will be: Greens, Hydrate, Creatine and Fuel2O.

Gnarly product in this new sustainable steel packaging will be: Pre, BCAAs, Collagen and both Proteins.

To help keep plastic out of our lineup, we will be increasing prices across the lineup by $1-2. Please contact us if you have any questions and thank you for your continued support as we work to make this planet a little more green!

How to recycle gnarly's packaging

Most cities will accept metal cans (aluminum and steel) in the curbside recycling program.


Verify acceptance through your program as well as any preparation instructions, such as whether to rinse or crush cans.

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