What's In Each Tub Of Gnarly Pump?
What's In Each Tub Of Gnarly Pump?

What's In Each Tub Of Gnarly Pump?

If you’re even just a little acquainted with Gnarly products, you’ve probably seen the phrase “What’s on our tub is what’s in our tub.” This is Gnarly’s promise to be totally honest about what goes into all of our products and to only use the best ingredients. So, then, what exactly is on – and in – the tub? For now, let’s focus on our pre-workout solution: Gnarly Pump.

Nitric Oxide Boosters

Often simply called NO, nitric oxide is a gas that naturally occurs in the body. When small clouds of NO are released, it signals the veins to relax and allow more blood through. This has a number of health benefits but is particularly useful during exercise when your muscles need more nutrients and oxygen. Nitric oxide, mostly due to the extra blood flow, also has the fun ability to make your muscles look pumped – a favorite among exercisers and athletes. But, since it’s a gas, you can’t easily supplement NO. Instead, it’s more effective to take it’s precursors – substances that will later become NO.

Gnarly Pump contains several of such substances, in doses designed to give you a satisfying boost. This group of ingredients includes:

  • Arginine – An amino acid that is directly converted into NO.
  • Citrulline – This amino acid is actually converted first into arginine and then into NO. By using citrulline to increase your levels of arginine, you can have a sort of sustained-release NO supplement.
  • Beet Root powder – Beets have gained a lot of attention over the past few years as NO supplements due to their high concentration of nitrates, which are converted into the gas.


There are plenty of substances on the market that claim to be ergogenic – meaning that they can improve athletic performance – but very few of them work, and work safely. Gnarly Pump contains two well-known and well-researched ergogenic substances to help improve the overall quality and effectiveness of your workouts.

  • Caffeine – Everyone’s favorite stimulant, caffeine has been shown to improve reaction time, focus, strength and endurance in even untrained athletes. The caffeine in Gnarly Pump is sourced from quality green tea – offering several other healthful substances – and in doses smaller than what you would get from an average cup of coffee.
  • Creatine – A substance that occurs naturally in our body and common foods, creatine is probably one of the most thoroughly researched supplements available. Because creatine is quickly converted into ATP (the primary fuel for muscle contractions), the substance allows your muscle to work harder for longer periods. These more effective workouts, in turn, allow you to make faster progress.

Just Plain Good For You

Gnarly Pump also includes a number of substances that have been shown to improve overall health, including vitamin C and various dietary fibers. One of the more interesting ingredients to Gnarly Pump, however, is Lithothaminion Calcareum in the form of Aquamin.

This red algae is rich in a variety of minerals and has been thoroughly proven in laboratory settings to help improve joint and bone health. For athletes, this translates to less pain during and after workouts, improved bone density and reduced inflammation.

To learn more about exactly what’s on and in each tub of Gnarly Pump, take a look at the product page.

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