Maintaining Strength and Conditioning for Baseline Health

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Maintaining Strength and Conditioning for Baseline Health


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Joslynn Corredor

Gnarly athlete Joslynn Corredor will be covering a number of mobility routines that can be used for any outdoor sport as she leads you through a full-body strength routine that you can use to build a good base. Watch the video for a live walkthrough, or read on for brief descriptions of the exercises.

In This Clinic

Intro: Longevity

  • We all want to perform in our sport and not get injured - so how do we do that?
  • Don’t try to do everything all at once. Instead, start small with something that is measurable, maybe one or two exercises that you repeat every day.

Start with a Goal

  • Have a main goal. Review it with a coach or individually.


  • Start SMALL. You'll be more likely to stick to something by introducing it gradually, as opposed to trying to change your entire life all at once.


  • Assess your current body
    • Check your overhead squat against a wall
      • Check the above video for tips on the correct form, but this helps you find your problem areas, i.e. your ankles, hips, back, etc. This is especially important for runners and climbers.
    • Shoulder mobility
      • Raise one hand overhead and to the middle of your back and one arm under your arm to the middle of your back and see how close together you can get your hands. Can you touch your hand to each other? Grab them?
    • Balance on one leg for 20 seconds each - if it feels too easy, then close your eyes.
      • Lots of times when you're running or climbing, you’re quickly shifting your weight from one leg to the next, and you're never fully on both. So balance is very important with form here.
    • Try calf raises.
      • This will strengthen your ankles.

Workout Overview

  • This is a full body workout: lower body, core, and some upper body. You can also add pulling with TRX or dumbbells to finish this out if you are inclined.
  • No equipment required, but you could always make it harder with dumbbells, bands, or household objects as weights if you would like.
  • This is a good little workout to get back into it; try adding it in to your routine just a few times a week.

Lower Body

  1. Leg lifts. Lie down on one side with your foot turned in. 15 each side.
  2. Glute bridges. Make sure you keep the core nice and tight and pause at the top. 20 reps.
    1. Make it harder: use weights or a band.
  3. Split squats. Put a yoga block or roll a sweater or jacket up to lower your knee down onto for a 90 degree angle. Keep your hips even and squeeze your glutes at the top. 15 each side.
    1. Make it harder: use dumbbells, jugs of water/milk, or hold anything in your hands as a weight.


Repeat for 3 rounds.


Your core is your whole trunk - don’t forget your back. Throughout all of these, make sure you are focusing on holding AWARENESS of your core. These exercises are perfect to get you started if you haven't been doing core exercises recently.


  1. Bear crawl. Go side to side. Don’t move side to side if you have wrist problems, just hold the position. 1 minute.
    1. Make it harder: put a yoga block on your back so you move with intention, and focus on keeping your core tight so the yoga block doesn’t rock side to side.
  2. Bicycles. Focus on pressing your lower back into the ground. 10 each leg, 20 total.
    1. Make it harder: put a band around your feet and press out the whole time while switching legs.
  3. Elevated Side Crunch. Use a chair, bench, etc., and do hip dips in a side plank. 35 seconds on each side.
  4. Superman. Lift your knees off the ground and your arms off the ground to the back or in front. Tighten everything - quads, glutes, back, etc. Lift higher and higher. 1 minute.


Repeat for 3 rounds.

Upper Body

We're going to focus on push-ups. Instead of wide shoulder push-ups, we're going to hold a tighter position. Almost a yoga push-up, but your elbows will be slightly farther out.

  1. Elevated push-ups. Use a chair, bench, etc. If you'd like, you can also put a band around a pull-up bar and have that around your waist to take some of the weight off. 6 push-ups.
  2. Knee push-ups. 6 push-ups.
  3. Normal push-ups. If you can't do these, repeat 1 or 2. 6 push-ups.
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