Gnarly Athlete Profile: Jackson Marvell

The theme in Jackson’s life of going all-in is truly evident in his dedication to climbing and seeking out new expeditions. His resume doesn’t belong on paper or in list form. A more fitting medium is a globe, with pins marking where he’s climbed.

Zen & The Art of Intuition: The “You” Diet

Too many choices in our modern world have created a political battlefield of meat eaters versus plant eaters, gluten free versus bread lovers, high carb versus low carb … the list goes on and on. With so much confusion, what is the right diet for you and you only?

Zen & The Art of Intuition: Weight Cutting versus Fueling for Performance

The mindset that comes with cutting weight to send versus fueling for performance is one that every competition athlete deals with. Being lighter may lead to better performance, but at what cost to body and mind? To gain some insight on this conundrum, we checked in with several Gnarly athletes, strength coaches and nutritionists.

Is Iron Supplementation for You?

We all have a few baseline needs to take care of in order to perform at our best. Vital to our success as athletes and general function as human beings is iron, a baseline requirement that also happens to be the number one nutritional deficiency in the world.

Magnesium, Muscles and Movement

Have you ever been biking, hiking, ski touring or running for miles on end and experienced uncomfortable muscle spasms or cramps? Maybe you thought you were just dehydrated. But what if I told you you were actually lacking magnesium?

The Importance of Daily Hydration

Water is life Water is vital for all living things in order to survive and thrive. Humans can only go one week without water but can go an entire month without food. It is the most abundant and important substance for both the earth and the human body. Humans are about 60% water and use […]

Black Lives Matter. A Letter from Eli Kerr, Gnarly CEO

At Gnarly Nutrition, we believe in people. We want to inspire all people to reach their potential. We believe in equal rights for all, but we recognize and acknowledge that equality does not exist today, especially for the Black community in this country.

Going The Distance

On a cold February day in 2012, Mike McKnight’s running career was almost snuffed out before it got started.  Mike, then 21, and his friends were skiing at Beaver Mountain near Logan, Utah, and set up to hit a table-top jump in the terrain park, one Mike had hit multiple times in the past. But […]

Cookie-ish Nuggets

Cookies will always have a place in my life but more often than not I’m looking for something that is more cookie-ish.  Something that satisfies my sweet tooth, but is also a good source of nutrition.  Well, these little nuggets fit the bill.  The recipe is based on this recipe, but I’ve tweaked it a […]

Basic Run Nutrition

Female Trail Runner

There is a lot of speculation regarding proper race day hydration and fueling, and in truth, the optimal strategy for you is likely to be quite different than the runner next to you. Given that, there are some basic hydration and fueling strategies for before, during and after your run, that if you’re not already […]

Gnarly Vegan Protein Pancakes

We love this recipe as it includes a good source of complex carbohydrates as well as a whopping 20g of protein per serving, making it a great recovery breakfast following a long day in the hills or a hard gym session.   Ingredients (makes 2 x 6-8″ pancakes) 1/2 cup rolled oats 1/2 cup nut […]