Reflections on Outdoor Diversity, with Gnarly Athlete Joslynn Corredor

Dealing with current events feels like we’re still dealing with the past; our country’s history is filled with race and inequality issues. Unfortunately, many people feel this way in the outdoors, too. But the natural world is what connects all humans, and I don’t think anyone should ever have to feel like they don’t belong […]

From Calisthenics to Climbing: Meet Gnarly Athlete Brandon Belcher

Gnarly athlete Brandon Belcher walked into his local climbing gym in Atlanta with callused hands and deep muscle striations in his arms, back and pecs – all signatures of an experienced climber. But he had never sent a route before, and he didn’t care if the routes had been reset recently or if his favorite […]

The Importance of Daily Hydration

Water is vital for all living things in order to survive and thrive. Humans can only go one week without water but can go an entire month without food. It is the most abundant and important substance for both the earth and the human body. Humans are about 60% water and use water as the […]

Black Lives Matter. A Letter from Eli Kerr, Gnarly CEO

At Gnarly Nutrition, we believe in people. We want to inspire all people to reach their potential. We believe in equal rights for all, but we recognize and acknowledge that equality does not exist today, especially for the Black community in this country.

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean…and So Quality

Cleanliness feels right. It’s the feeling of stepping out of the shower after a run that leaves you feeling invincible and loving life. It’s that Saturday morning feeling at the farmer’s market when you score all the best produce. It’s the feeling of sleeping on crisp sheets dried in the sun that still faintly smell […]

Going The Distance

On a cold February day in 2012, Mike McKnight’s running career was almost snuffed out before it got started.  Mike, then 21, and his friends were skiing at Beaver Mountain near Logan, Utah, and set up to hit a table-top jump in the terrain park, one Mike had hit multiple times in the past. But […]

Cookie-ish Nuggets

Cookies will always have a place in my life but more often than not I’m looking for something that is more cookie-ish.  Something that satisfies my sweet tooth, but is also a good source of nutrition.  Well, these little nuggets fit the bill.  The recipe is based on this recipe, but I’ve tweaked it a […]

Basic Run Nutrition

Female Trail Runner

There is a lot of speculation regarding proper race day hydration and fueling, and in truth, the optimal strategy for you is likely to be quite different than the runner next to you. Given that, there are some basic hydration and fueling strategies for before, during and after your run, that if you’re not already […]

Gnarly Vegan Protein Pancakes

We love this recipe as it includes a good source of complex carbohydrates as well as a whopping 20g of protein per serving, making it a great recovery breakfast following a long day in the hills or a hard gym session.   Ingredients (makes 2 x 6-8″ pancakes) 1/2 cup rolled oats 1/2 cup nut […]

How much protein should you eat per day?

How much protein should you eat per day? Chances are you’re imagining something like “1.2 to 1.6 grams per kilogram” or “1 gram per pound” right now. These are the classic figures used by sports nutritionists the world round, and it’s the way most athletes have been trained to think about protein. There’s a problem […]

Gnarly Whey Macaroons

Because I make so much homemade pasta, I always have an abundance of egg whites. One great way to use them instead of dumping them down the sink is to make Macaroons. Turns out, they are great anytime of day, easy to share, have a relatively long, low maintenance shelf life, and travel well. I’ve […]

Gnarly Butter Berry Smoothie

This is a calorie and nutrient dense morning smoothie to fuel you from morning until mid-day.  High in protein, carbs, and fats, this smoothie provides a great way to curb hunger and provide both fast and slow burning energy sources to fuel the first half of your day. The ingredients can always be played with […]

The New Gnarly PRE Workout

We’ve had a lot of amazing feedback on the Maximus PRE, and want to announce that we’re making some improvements to the formula and bringing it into the Gnarly product line permanently.  The new formula will launch at the beginning of May, so we’ll go through a period when we’ll be out of pre-workout and […]

Recovery Blog

Multi-day races are becoming more and more popular. Maybe you have your eye on the Squamish 50; a two-day ultramarathon race where you tackle 50 miles of mountain trails on Saturday and follow it up with a 50K on Sunday. Mountain bike stage races are becoming popular; BreckEpic features six days of mountain bike racing […]

Gnarly Hydrate – reformulated for you!

Taking in the right amount of water will get you halfway to properly hydrating, but if that is all you do, then your performance will suffer and you could seriously injure yourself. The other half of the equation involves replenishing the electrolytes lost in sweat.  The electrolyte content of sweat is dependent on many factors […]

Don’t Hold Your Breath: My Yoga Practice

high protein foods

Life is Better Upside Down 90 minutes of roughly 40 Chaturanga push-ups, intense spinal, hamstring, hip, and shoulder stretches, balancing on one leg, all while keeping my core engaged and my breath controlled, getting to headstand is a relief. This, my friends, is Ashtanga yoga. In Ashtanga, I practice inversions for a number of reasons. […]

Zion Gnarly Blog

The sun beat down in the campground, it was so hot.  We lazied about, our energy being zapped by the dry heat of the desert southwest.  We hid in the shade of the cottonwood trees and waited for the towering red walls of Zion to pass into the shade.  Hot or not, we were going […]

Gnarly Athletes — Kristy Adams

The hardest news for Kristy to hear was her active days were over. Being someone who has kept active her whole life, this was devastating. Kristy was always fearless as a child, and grew into an even stronger woman. She kept up with the boys, showing them up in sports, while keeping one foot in […]

Introducing the Gnarly Maximus Pre Workout

Maximus PRE-workout is a diabolically powerfully pre-workout that gets you jacked. This product burst onto the scene earlier this year after Gym Jone’s  Executive Director, Bobby Maximus teamed up with Gnarly Nutrition to create a delicious, effective pre-workout with natural ingredients. This product has the killer instincts of Bobby Maximus written all over it. It’s […]