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Professional ultrarunners and Gnarly athletes Mike McKnight, Kelly Halpin and Ashly Winchester set new Fastest Known Times year after year, all over the country.

They rely on and trust Gnarly Nutrition’s vegan-friendly, non-GMO, delicious products to get psyched before, fuel during, and recover after their record-setting efforts. Put more miles on your legs and fuel like these pros with Gnarly Nutrition.

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The Running Stack

Athlete Endorsement

Nutrition and recovery are just as essential to my training as the training itself.

I’m a creature of habit so you won’t see me walk out the door in the morning without two shakers, one with Gnarly BCAA’s and one with Gnarly whey protein (Chocolate please & thank you). Clean fueling can be convenient. Both as a running coach and mountain athlete myself, I recommend these two as must haves to anyone hoping to maximize their potential in their training and confidently offer that from personal experience.

As a distance runner who logs long days in the mountains, Kenzie brings Gnarly to maximize her workouts. As a coach, she recommends Gnarly for anyone looking to find their potential.

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