Fueling with Water

Being in and around water can be refreshing and invigorating, both mentally and emotionally. Soaking in a warm bath on a cold winter night, swimming laps in the pool or watching the sunset on a tropical beach, water can have a profound impact on how we fuel our bodies and minds.

Fueling with Carbs

In moderate- or high-intensity exercises, carbs are our main fuel source. So when training or competing, carb intake should be the main focus to fuel our bodies so we can crush our goals.

There is no “Perfect Athlete” Diet

Whether you are a professional athlete with a dialed nutrition plan or a weekend warrior looking for somewhere to start, try not to lose the forest for the trees when it comes to your fueling.

Does Intermittent Fasting Improve Athletic Performance?

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a popular dieting strategy used to lose body fat in both sedentary and active individuals. There is also research emerging investigating the impact of IF on longevity. Some athletes use this strategy in hopes of getting an edge on athletic performance. Proponents of IF argue that it enhances recovery and training adaptations, increases metabolic rate and burns more body fat. However, current research does not support many of these claims.

Fueling for Longevity

Here are five reasons why you should care about the quantity and quality of the food you are consuming.

Collagen Type … Does it Matter?

This article will give you the basics on collagen as a protein and will break down collagen types. After reading, you’ll be able to decipher whether or not they’re relevant to your collagen supplementation, or just good old-fashioned marketing hype.

Prepping for the Send with Kelly Halpin

Cookie monster or trail runner? At her local bakery in Jackson, Wyoming, Kelly Hapin picked out two oversized chocolate-chip cookies. You know the ones I’m talking about … those irresistible cookies that are the size of your hand, outstretched like a seastar, the ones that weigh more than you ever imagined a cookie could weigh. […]

RED-S: What You Should Know

Editors Note: At Gnarly we feel it is important to bring awareness to RED-S (formally referred to as the Female Athlete Triad) as it relates to the health and performance of athletes (including men). Readers must know we are not attempting to diagnose or treat any medical conditions in this article. A few months ago […]

Approaching Health Holistically with the newest Gnarly Athlete, Joslynn Corredor

Joslynn Corredor’s impression of a dead bug is spot-on. A lower back stretch that she practices with her clients while working as a strength trainer; the move resembles a deceased bug with all appendages pointing toward the sky. We could all benefit from becoming dead bugs. Jos is a strength coach, but she’s also a […]

Mindful Eating Part 3: Stop Crash Dieting For Long Term Health

What do you think of when you hear the word diet? Does being hangry (you know that constant hungry angry feeling) come to mind, or having to cut out entire food groups because it’s part of the “rules,” or feeling like you have to say goodbye to your social life because everything at the party […]

Finding Comfort in the Discomfort – Meet Gnarly athlete, Piseth Sam

Before she knew rock climbing was a sport, Piseth Sam was sending routes. On the playground near the projects she grew up in, she would scale a rock that was part of the neighborhood park she and friends played “tag” on. The adventurous kids would scale the rock’s face to escape from becoming “it.” With […]

The Importance of Daily Hydration

Water is life Water is vital for all living things in order to survive and thrive. Humans can only go one week without water but can go an entire month without food. It is the most abundant and important substance for both the earth and the human body. Humans are about 60% water and use […]

Clean Fuel for Clean Training

Want more. Do more. Be more. Our motto at Gnarly Nutrition embodies being the best version of our own selves. This looks different for every person. For you, those goals might include going to the Olympics (okay, maybe as a spectator) or maybe it’s breaking through a plateau on your morning runs. It could be […]

Daily Routines – How USAC Athletes use Gnarly Products

What does a saucepan, five pairs of shoes, a good luck note and a kendama all have in common? They’re all items you can find in the gym bags of climbers on Team USA, of course. The shoe variety makes a ton of sense. Different climbing disciplines or routes call for different shoes. We could […]

Mindful Eating Part 2: No Guilt, All Rewards

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I just went for a run so I deserve that beer later” or “don’t eat that ice-cream because it is bad”. Our language and the way we talk about food feeds into this discussion of food guilt.    We have somehow assigned morality to food. It may have started […]