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Dylan Bowman

These are like our sisters from another mister. Some say it was love at first sight, others say it was a match made in heaven, either way, we love what they're doing and they have so much to share. We hope you love their content as much as we do.

Alex's Stack

"I chose these items because as both a runner and a strength athlete, I want to prioritize electrolyte repletion because I am a heavy sweater (hence the electrolytes), glycogen stocks (carbs), and ensuring I am preserving and growing muscle with my running volume (whey and creatine). The magnesium also supports recovery and my sleep! I also can mix all of these items together to make a delicious creamsicle flavoured post workout shake."

Meredith's Stack

"I chose these items because I need carbs and proteins as a hybrid athlete, I like the greens for added micronutrients, and the vitamin D because I bike on a trainer in the winter and live in the mountains, so I don't see the sun quite as much as I would like. And last but not least, creatine is the ultimate supplement, especially for women."

The Gnarly System

Your everyday products to fuel up, no matter what your exercise routine looks like.
The pre-workout boost you take 30 minutes before exercise and activity.
The Performance nutrition you take during exercise and activity.
Optimize your workouts and take Gnarly Recovery products after vigorous exercise and activity.

Stack and Save

20% off when you order Alex or Meredith's Bundle.


Alex's stack

Orange Drank, Vanilla Whey, Vitamin D, Magnessium

Meredith's Stack

Chocolate Whey, Performance Greens, Creatine, Hydrate & Vitamin D

Featured Gnar

Not ready for the stack. Try one.

Gnarly Baseline Mg Glycinate - Gnarly Nutrition


Gnarly Fuel₂O - Gnarly Nutrition

Orange Drank

Gnarly Baseline Iron - Gnarly Nutrition

Vitamin D3

Grass Fed Whey Protein Vanilla

Vanilla Whey